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Key Stage 4

Key stage 4 Curriculum outline

At Key stage 4 students follow personalised learning programmes where they can chose from a range of courses carefully selected to match their learning needs and maximise their achievement and fulfilment in these important years. The courses students take in Years 10 & 11 include four core subjects and four optional choices as follows:

Core Subjects

English: All students will take two GCSE’s; GCSE English language and GCSE English Literature.

Mathematics: All students complete a GCSE in mathematics.

Science: The science department offer a range of qualifications tailored to meet individual student needs. This includes separate science taken by approximately 40% of the student cohort and Dual Award science GCSE.

Physical Education: All students complete one or two hours of compulsory GCSE Physical Education every week. Some students will go onto to study GCSE Physical education as part of their Option Choices.

Religious Education, Citizenship and Careers: Students will have a day of study in these subjects in Years 10 and 11 where they receive specialised teaching from tutors and experts from outside the school.

Option Subjects:

Students choose one option from each block. The options available to students will depend on the learning programme they follow. In Year 9, students will receive extensive support and guidance in helping choose the right courses for them.  Please click on PDF file below to access Option Subject blockings.

Please note that these option blocks above are under review and evaluation from year to year

Please also click on PDF Files to below to review the the four learning programmes of study at KS4: