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Counselling Service at Preston Manor


The Preston Manor Counselling Service is provided by The Brent Centre for Young People (BCYP) www.  

We are a charity that has been running for 50 years, providing specialist support and therapy/ counselling for young people and their families in the local community. We see young people in our clinic, the Youth Offending Service and in schools across Brent.

We have had a team of therapists at Preston Manor since 1999. Here we work closely with members of staff to help give students access to counselling if and when they need it.

Services we provide in school are:

- individual assessments and counselling for students

- therapeutic groups for students

- lunch time drops for students around exam time

- 6th form self- referring consultation service (1 or 4 sessions),

- parent consultation service

- supervision and staff work discussion groups

- consultation to the network

- talks/inset training for staff



What is Counselling?

You may wonder what counselling is or if it might be something that would be helpful for you. Growing up has lots of challenges and sometimes it can feel like there’s too much to cope with. You may be feeling angry, anxious, low or confused. You may be struggling at school or with relationships with family or friends. You may worry that you will do or have done something bad and you may feel alone with your worries. These are some of the things that people come to counselling for.  It is a place where you can talk about your difficulties with someone who can help you explore and make sense of what is happening so that things can feel more manageable.

Please refer to the leaflet ‘Information for Students’ for more information.


How Does it Happen?

Individual sessions

Your DSD/tutor/PSA would discuss the possibility of counselling with you and, if you feel it is something you would like to try, they would make the referral to us. We would offer you some initial appointments with one of our therapists to discuss what would be most helpful for you. If you then take up sessions, you would meet with your therapist weekly for as long as you both feel is helpful. Sessions are offered on the same day each week, but usually rotating times, so you don’t miss the same lesson. They last for 45 minutes and take place in one of our counselling rooms in ‘The Manor House.’

What is spoken about is confidential. Your tutor and your DSD would be informed that you are having counselling, but we would not share details of your sessions. Only in exceptional circumstances, when there are concerns around safety would we need to share things and this would be explained carefully to you beforehand.

Groups  - We run therapeutic groups of about 6 – 8 young people, facilitated by 2 therapists, for a fixed amount of time. The groups take place weekly, in a meeting room also in ‘The Manor House.’ You would meet with the therapists on your own first for an introduction. The same confidentiality applies to groups as in individual counselling.

Sixth form consultation service - 6th formers can self refer to our 6th form consultation service (1 or 4 session). The flyer ‘Preston Manor Sixth Form Consultation Service” has all the information and is here to download.

If you still have questions about counselling and would like to contact us, you are welcome to email us at  Alternatively, you could speak with your tutor, your DSD or a PSA.



What happens when your child is receiving counselling at school?

Before students are referred for counselling, consent from parents/carers is sought. Sometimes though older students can consent themselves, if agreed by members of school staff and the BCYP. It is different for sixth formers, who can self–refer to our consultation service set up specifically for them.

We sometimes offer parents/carers consultation sessions with a different therapist to support and inform the counselling your child is having at school. These sessions are also intended to help think with you about your child and how we can help them together.

The content of sessions are kept confidential, except if there are concerns regarding your child’s safety and wellbeing, which is our primary concern. In such cases we are bound by the same rules as other members of staff in the school.

Parent/carer consultation service

Even if your child is not receiving counselling, if you have concerns about their emotional or mental wellbeing and want help thinking about them/ their behaviour, you can request a parent consultation session. For more information please download the flyer ‘Preston Manor Parent Carer Consultation Service’.


“It is great to have the Brent Centre for Young People at Preston Manor.  It gives us an opportunity to give students additional support that they may need as teenagers to make sure that their early adult life is successful both inside of school and outside in the community and at home.’