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Head Girl and Head Boy

'It is such an honour to be appointed in the roles of Head Girl and Head Boy of Preston Manor School. We thank our teachers and students dearly for giving us this opportunity to represent our fantastic student body. We can both agree that this was a dream every since we began high school and now can proudly say that our dream has been fulfilled.

It has been a tough journey for both of us coming from a family with almost no experience in higher education to being surrounded by a mixture of people in a huge school where it was so hard to find our identities and build the right path.  However, the teachers and our community have always guided us and encouraged us to strive for excellence as Miss Kobel would say. So, we want to leave behind a legacy; a reflection of our gratitude for the support we’ve received. Support comes in many forms and as Head Girl and Head Boy, we wish to provide support for those that need it in the way they desire. We endeavor to help as many students as possible, to unite our community and embrace our culture to ultimately give back to the community that has given us both everything.'

Rajvi Patel - HeadGirl (applying to study Medicine at Imperial) 

Shangeth Ranjan - HeadBoy (applying to study Chemistry at King's College)