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Head Girl and Head Boy


'Since joining the school 7 years ago, we have always looked up to the head boy and girl. They were one of our role models and we aspired to one day become like them. Now that the dream has been accomplished, thanks to our teachers and peers, we understand the responsibilities this role now carries.


As the face of the school and the vocal point of the students, we hope to bring about positive change to the school. Students are the priority of the school and we hope that the Preston Manor students feel comfortable to come and talk to us about what change they would like to see happen. As we have matured into young adults we believe that we can use our position to enhance the student experience in this wonderful school. The teachers have given us so much and we hope to return the favour by bringing the school community closer and ensuring that everyone feels that they are a part of the Preston Manor community.’

Zeyn and Ifrah