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New Year 12 Students - Starter Work for Sept 2018

Year 12 Starter Work

Congratulations on obtaining a place to study at Preston Manor Sixth Form.  To ensure that you get off to a fast start and are successful in your studies, students are asked to complete pre-study activities for the subjects that they will be studying. Please click on the PDFs below which relate to the courses that you are taking.  The tasks / activities should be completed before the start of term and handed in to the subject teacher on your first day of lessons.  Good luck!


Work to be completed for September


You will be expected to have their own materials that is a sketchbook at least A5 size and painting materials be it acrylic or watercolour. The summer topic is HOME. You should produce a series of drawings painting or studies which describe what home is to them. This might be abroad or here. It could be a family meal or your bedroom but it should be a written illustrated reflection of home. I will expect to see at least 10 drawings. It doesn’t matter if it is small but it must be detailed and you must write about what you are doing explaining why etc. They might want to look at other artist who depict their homes and try out their techniques.  Good Luck.


Choose a building that you think represents an area, whether it be a famous building or a house in your street or a holiday cottage. Take 20 photos, thinking about lighting, close ups, surroundings, materials used to make the building. Produce 5 drawings using a pencil, pen and felt tip. Then chose a medium of your choice that is not pencil pen or felt tip to recreate your favourite photo. You will need to write up why you have chosen that photo and how the building represents the area a minimum of 300 words.

Business Studies

Investigate how four businesses conduct marketing. What is marketing? Methods of marketing and market research for each business.

Applied Business

Investigate a large PLC, finding out about its objectives, structure and policies.


Investigation into macroeconomics- Explain each UK macroeconomic objective in detail, with evidence of current data.(500 words)


Welcome booklet. Create a pinterest style display board on one chosen practitioner from the booklet. Presentation in first lesson on chosen practitioner and why it interests you using your pinterest board to illustrate your points. A written statement of interest, submitted to your teacher in first.

English Literature

Read The Great Gatsby and Of Mice and Men. Research themes in American Literature. Purchase copy of RSC Hamlet ed. Jonathan Bate.


Task: How does Rossetti present ideas of love and loss in the poem ‘Remember’? (750 words). To be submitted on first lesson.



Health and Social Care

To research Physical, Intellectual, Social and Emotional Development from birth to old age.

The specification can be found online at:

(Be sure to click the “Diploma” tab and start looking at Unit 1 - Human Lifespan development content).


Please click on Politics PDF below this table.


To research the Russian Revolution.

Create a key fact bank for 5 key people in the Revolution as well as creating a key event timeline for the Revolution.


Complete the Programming Companion Booklet given and provide evidence on the Progress Checklist

Cambridge Tech

Unit 1:  Complete worksheet given and hand it in on the first day


Further Maths

Complete the booklet provided on results day/at interview.


Complete the booklet provided at results day/interview (link found below) and ensure you have the correct equipment as outlined on the maths guidance (also below)

The guidance needs to be updated to this document here please:

Media Studies

Choose 3 pieces of different media (film, TV, video game, magazine cover/article, newspaper front page, advert, radio, etc…).

Write an analysis in full paragraphs (minimum 1000 words) of:

●     How each media product engages its audience

●     What the point of each media product is

●     How each media product fits in/doesn’t fit in with current trends in the Media

●     Why you chose this particular media product

●     What the three media products have in common - what links can you find between them?


Read through and complete exercises in the Component 2: Composition Techniques Briefs: 4 part harmony booklet.                                                                                                   


Research 3 studies from the list (each study from a different topic). Create an informative poster of your chosen studies. Your poster must have the following information:

  1. Aim of the study
  2. Method: How was the experiment carried out
  3. Findings: What were the results they found, including any relevant data.
  4. Conclusion
  5. 2 Strengths and 2 weaknesses of the experiment.
  6. Relevant images/pictures

Religious Studies

Complete introductory reading - highlight main points / ideas on each page.

Applied Science

Report on the scientific principles of the physiological measurements used in relation to respiration and photosynthesis:

·           peak flow, lung capacity, blood pressure (heart rate and breathing rate)

·           factors affecting respiration rate in humans

·           factors affecting respiration rate, CO2 production and O2 uptake in non-humans

·           metabolic rates at rest, during exercise and in different temperature situations

·           rate of carbon dioxide  consumption  in plants during photosynthesis

·           rate of photosynthesis and the effect of limiting factors such as light, CO2 availability, temperature, chlorophyll availability, use  of herbicides.


Each should include an explanation.

Report may be approx 2-3 pages long, depending on the detail you have put in.



Read Head Start to AS Biology by CGP over the summer. This is available on Amazon for £4.95

Use this to make notes on Cell Structure and Cell Membranes


Students should complete the GCSE x4 and x5 recap tests


Complete booklet of questions


Read Introduction to Sociology and answer follow up questions



Please Click the link for enrichment ideas do in the Summer holidays


Select one of the following Join the Debate topics and prepare a 3 minute speech to present to your form during the first week of term. In your speech you should 1) outline the main issues of the question 2) give your point of view with factual evidence showing you have researched the topic:

Choice 1: Social Networking - do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Choice 2: Do laws that ban offensive words make the world a better place?

Choice 3: People who lead unhealthy lives should pay for their healthcare

Social Networking - do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?