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Preston Manor Virtual Taster Day

Welcome to our virtual taster day programme. We have pre-recorded several sessions with our staff in order to give you an idea what it will be like when you start in September. To get the full experience, we suggest you follow the timings provided below if possible. This will give you a better idea of how a typical school day works at Preston Manor.


All you need is a pen and a piece of paper or note pad to record the activities for each lesson. We would love to see the work you create so please take some pictures and email it them to: 


Although our normal lessons are 1 hour long, we have shortened our virtual taster lessons to approximately 30 minutes to ensure regular screen and movement breaks can be taken. There is a choice for period 5. We have a Spanish lesson or a creative writing lesson for English. We have included this for those students who may be fluent in Spanish or for those who may struggle with a Spanish lesson. Students can, of course, choose to do both lessons!

We hope you enjoy your virtual day at Preston Manor.

Suggested Time Activity Link
8:40 am Assembly - with Mr Brougham and Ms Browning
9:00 am Lesson 1 - Science with Mr Ngochi
10:00 am Lesson 2 - Maths with Ms Shah
11:00 am Break time No link - take a break! 
11:20 am Lesson 3 - Geography with Ms Paul
12:20 pm Lesson 4 - Drama with Ms Stych
1:20 pm Lunch time No link - have some lunch!
2:20 pm

Lesson 5

Spanish with Senior Montagut





English with Ms Brown



3:10 pm

PM Registration

A reflection of the day with Ms Browning