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Remote Summer School 2020 - Year 7 to 9

While we are unfortunately not able to welcome students back on to the school site until September, we want to ensure that students have opportunities to further their learning over the summer holidays and will therefore be providing remote learning opportunities for students during July and August. 

These resources will comprise of three different strands:

  • Catch-up - Opportunities for students to catch-up on key learning which they may not have completed this term in English, Maths and Science. Departments will provide a summary of key tasks for students to complete and will provide video and audio explanations to support students to do this. Catch-up tasks are all available on your child’s form group Google Classroom.

  • These tasks will be compulsory for all students who have not already completed them as part of their remote learning this term. If your child has already completed these tasks, they can move straight away to the ‘Consolidate’ and ‘Create’ steps.

  • Consolidate - Additional lessons and tasks for students to complete which will further develop their understanding and skills across English, Maths and Science. These tasks will be linked to topics which students have studied in the previous school year or which they will go on to study in the Autumn term. [To access the task click on the attachment below]

  • Create - A diverse range of resources provided for students’ wider cultural or skills development. There are a whole range of resources and activities for students to engage with and which we hope they will really enjoy completing. [To access the resources click on the attachment below]

Students will be able to access all of these resources in their year group’s Google classroom and can submit examples of their work on the Google classroom for their form tutor and DSD to view. 

We will be rewarding students who have most actively engaged with the Summer School resources with certificates and praise points when they return to school in September. Examples of outstanding student work will also be shared across the student body. 

We hope that you will support your child to engage with these resources and to continue their learning where possible over the summer holiday. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the school using