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School Uniform - List

The Preston Manor uniform is an important part of the culture and ethos of our school.   High standards of dress are expected at all times and students must come to school every day in neat, clean uniform as an indication that they take pride in belonging to the Preston Manor School community. It is important that all students present themselves in an appropriate way that embraces professional dress and prepares them for the wider world. Whenever the school uniform is worn, it must be complete and not mixed with non-uniform clothing.   

You are able to purchase uniform at the following stockists:

My Clothing (online) 

It’s easy to shop online with My Clothing. 

1. Go to

2. Choose the quantity and sizes you’d like, then add them to your basket.

3. Pay easily with a debit or credit card at the checkout.

4. Your embroidered items will be delivered within 14 days but may arrive earlier – we’ll keep you updated by email. 

Rumble’s School Wear 

598 High Road Wembley Middlesex HA0 2AF 

Tel: 020 8902 1393 Website:

Mayfair School Outfitters 

463 – 465 Kingsbury Road (Opposite Kingsbury Library) Kingsbury London NW9 9DY 

Tel: 020 8204 8117 

Please check the list below before making any uniform purchases.  In addition, please see the contents of your planner which also details the uniform requirements. 

Please ensure your child is dressed properly by not sending them to school with a note to cover items of missing clothing/ footwear for any period of time beyond one day.  Any period of time beyond one day will not be authorised. If no note is provided you may be contacted to give permission for your child to return home to collect the missing/correct piece of uniform.

We have a small stock of spare uniform. If we have the correct size your child will be expected to borrow the relevant item.

A summary of expectations is provided below 

  For all students 

  • school shoes must be plain black leather or leather look (no canvas or shiny patent materials).  Kicker shoes are permitted as long as they are black and do not have contrasting stitching, laces or soles. No canvas shoes.

  • top buttons must be fastened and shirts must be tucked in  

  • ties should be knotted conventionally and worn to the waist with the house logo showing 

  • navy blue blazers with the school badge must be worn at all times  

  • outdoor coats must be navy blue or black and have no logos, patterns or markings 

(hoods should be kept down in school and must not conceal any part of the face) 

  • a plain black or blue simple woollen hat may be worn in outside spaces in cold weather at the discretion of senior staff (no other headwear of any kind is permitted and woollen hats must not conceal any part of the face) 

  • hair must be worn in an appropriate style that would not undermine the ethos or discipline of the school (eg markings cut into the hair or eyebrows, brightly dyed hair or any other extreme of fashion) 

  • jewellery is restricted to one pair of small, plain stud earrings and a watch (no nose or other facial piercings of any kind) 

  • make-up or nail varnish may not be worn 

For girls 

  • navy blue or black knee length or longer school skirt, or navy blue or black tailored school trousers (no jeans, ‘skinny-fit’  trousers or leggings) 

  • plain navy blue or black religious headscarf (no other headwear of any kind is permitted and headscarfs must not conceal any part of the face) 

For boys 

  • dark grey or black school trousers (no jeans or any other style) 

We expect families to support the school in these high expectations and I have asked the Directors of Student Development for Years 7-11 to send home any students to change into proper uniform when this is necessary. 



The PE department would like to remind all students and parents of the compulsory PE kit required for participation in every PE lesson 

Boys’ PE Kit 

  • Blue Preston Manor PE polo top 

  • Plain Navy or black jogging trousers 

  • Blue Preston Manor round necked sweatshirt 

  • Navy or Black shorts 

  • Blue football socks 

  • Training shoes  

  • Football Boots 


  • Blue Rugby Shirt 

Girls’ PE Kit 

  • Blue Preston Manor PE polo top 

  • Plain Navy or black jogging trousers 

  • Blue Preston Manor round necked sweatshirt 

  • Navy or Black shorts 

  • Training shoes