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Uniform Swap Shop

We are pleased to inform you about our new initiative, the Preston Manor Uniform Swap Shop, to help support families and to promote eco-consciousness amongst our school community.

The uniform swap shop will give you as parents/carers the opportunity to donate branded
uniform pieces that your child has outgrown and the chance to visit our shop and purchase or swap uniform pieces for your child.

How it will work:
The shop will work with you as parents/carers digging out any items of uniform that are clean and undamaged and donating the uniform pieces to the donation box in Reception throughout the year.

We are also asking for Year 11’s to kindly donate their uniform at the end of their Preston Manor journey. During parents’ evenings, there will be a stall where you will then be able to purchase uniform pieces at a discounted cost or alternatively swap items for larger sizes your child may need. Any money taken from this shop will be put back in to purchase additional items of uniform to keep up stock and ensure parents/carers have access to affordable items.

What we accept:
We are happy to accept all the items of uniform below which can be handed in to the donations
box in reception:

  • Blazers
  • School Jumpers
  • Ties
  • PE Kits (Joggers, PMUS branded T-shirts, PMUS branded PE Jumpers)

When the shop will run:
We have decided to run the shop during parents' evening. There will be an in-person-run stall in the main hall during the parents' evening for parents/carers to visit.

  • Year 9 Parents Evening - Thursday 14th December 2023
  • Year 10 Parents Evening - Thursday 14th March 2024
  • Year 7 Parents Evening - Thursday 23rd May 2024
Item Suggested Donations Cost of brand new
Upper School Blazer £8.00 £28.50
Upper School Tie £1.50 £3.50
Upper School Jumper £4.00 £13.99
Upper School PE Polo £3.00 £9.99
Upper School PE Jumper £4.00 £13.99