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Counselling Service at Preston Manor

Provided by The Brent Centre for Young People 


Growing up has lots of challenges and sometimes it can feel confusing and like there’s too much to cope with. You may be experiencing difficulties in relationships or aspects of home or school. You may be finding it hard to manage or understand your feelings, thoughts and mood and you may be worried about yourself. These are some of the things people come to counselling for.

We provide confidential sessions in school for you to talk about your difficulties with a therapist from ‘The Brent Centre for Young People’ (, who can help you explore and make sense of what is happening so that things can feel more manageable.

A well as one to one sessions, we run small groups, drop in sessions around exam time, and we have a service for sixth formers (see below).

How Does it Happen?

Your DSD/tutor/PSA would discuss the possibility of counselling with you or you could approach one of them to make the referral to us. We would have some appointments first to think about how best to help you and whether you want to take up counselling.

Counselling sessions may be for a fixed period (short term) or on-going counselling where you and your therapist decide together how long to go on for.

Please refer to the leaflet ‘Information for Students’ for more information. (attached below)

Sixth form consultation service

6th formers can self-refer to our 6th form consultation service. The flyer ‘Preston Manor Sixth Form Consultation Service” has all the information and is here to download. (attached below)

If you still have questions about counselling you can email us at or speak to your tutor, DSD or a PSA.