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Teaching and Learning Pillars


  • We will set high academic expectations and embrace the concept of “powerful knowledge” as both, the entitlement of pupils from all backgrounds, and a means to offer them the opportunities to be successful citizens.
  • We will always demand the best and insist on “beautiful work”.
  • Our curriculum offer will meet the demand of the National Curriculum and more. We recognise the importance of a well sequenced, knowledge-rich curriculum.
  • All Manorians will make progress (learn more, remember more, know more)
  • Enhancing students' literacy will  be at the heart of everything we do.
  • We will nurture a classroom climate conducive to learning. This includes challenging lateness, demand correct uniform and embedding the school behaviour policy.
  • Rosenshine’s Principles” will be an integral part of our practice.

This includes “review of previous learning, clear instructions, numerous questions to check understanding”


Munus prae jure

  • We have a professional responsibility to keep informed of the latest pedagogy and changes to the curriculum. Staff subject expertise is fundamental. Staff must remember that curriculum development is never-ending.
  • Leaders at all levels will monitor the implementation of A/R/E, thus helping to create a culture of collective accountability.
  • We will acquire the professional skills to develop students’ metacognitive skills and knowledge, by engaging in first-class professional development.
  • We have a duty to adapt our lessons, so that the needs of all students, especially our SEND students and underachieving groups, are met.
  • We will nurture a culture of intellectual curiosity and set up homework that enhances a student’s knowledge.


Leaders at all levels will ensure that assessment is rigorous, in line with the department’s curriculum intent, follows the school-agreed model, and is marked and moderated efficiently.

  • We will establish a classroom climate that routinely  demands more from all students and celebrates their self-worth.
  • We must remember that Manorians are the leaders of the future. Therefore, we will demand that they speak like experts, write well and read extensively. This will enhance their career opportunities.

We will ensure that all Manorians meet A/R/E expectations in and beyond the classroom.