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Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

Embark on an Adventure with the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Programme! We are excited to extend an incredible opportunity students in Year 9 to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Program at Preston Manor School. This prestigious program offers a transformative experience, fostering personal development, teamwork, and resilience.

Program Overview:
The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Programme is a six-month commitment encompassing three core components:

  1. Volunteering: Students will engage in volunteer work, contributing positively to their community.
  2. Skills Development: Participants will cultivate new skills, broadening their horizons and enhancing personal growth.
  3. Physical Activities: Encouraging a healthy lifestyle, students will participate in various physical activities to build fitness and well-being.

In June/July, the highlight of the program awaits – an exhilarating expedition involving camping, field tracking, and hiking. This challenging and rewarding experience is designed to push boundaries and create lasting memories.

Program Fee:
There is a nominal fee of £75, which covers:

  • A welcome pack
  • Expedition expenses
  • Necessary training sessions before the expedition

This fee ensures that your child is well-prepared and supported throughout the entire program.

Parental Support:
Participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Programme requires the support of parents and carers. The skills and achievements gained during this experience will undoubtedly contribute to your child's future endeavors, whether applying for further education or employment.

We encourage you to consider this enriching opportunity for your child, and together, let's make their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award journey a memorable and impactful experience!

Contact Information:
If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Fiedler at Your active involvement is key to making this a rewarding experience for your child.