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Meat Free Mondays at Preston Manor School

Every year, we discuss climate change - as it becomes ever more in the news. 

Thus, our impact on the environment makes our commitment to Meat Free Monday ever more important.

As part of being a health-conscious School, Preston Manor All Through School supports the Meat-Free Monday programme. 

Hence, we have been Meat Free for almost 13 years now.

Meat Free Monday was co-founded by Paul McCartney and we have been members since 2010. 

We are the longest-serving Meat Free Monday supporting Secondary School in the UK, and the only one to have a featured case study on the Meat Free Monday website. 

Every Monday, Joanne and her quality team serve a vegetarian-only menu to all staff and students. In our 12th year now, Preston Manor supports the values and ethics behind Meat Free Monday. Meat Free Monday works to promote a greater consciousness in how we treat our environment and the animals during the process of mass farming. As global citizens, we have a responsibility to understand that the choices that we make today will affect us and future generations.

Read the 10th year case study on the Meat Free Monday website HERE