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Year 12 Professional Interviews with PGIM

Having an interview - talking about yourself, your strengths, your areas for development, your ambitions and what motivates you can be very intimidating for all of us, but all the more so if you’ve never had any practice. So it was a great opportunity for our Year 12s when graduate employees from PGIM’s Central London offices came into Preston Manor to run 1-1 Professional Interviews.

PGIM’s volunteer interviewers gave up an afternoon to spend with our students, conducting the interviews then providing individual written feedback. 

While our students were a bit nervous beforehand, they impressed PGIM with their enthusiasm. ‘We all left feeling very inspired and uplifted’, commented Emma Krause who coordinated the visit. ‘The students we met were all a great asset to the school’

Feedback from our students was overwhelmingly positive:

‘It taught me that  the interviewer could ask questions about activities you've done outside of studies which is helpful to show that I have a balance between my studies and other things in life like mental health.’ commented Savindi.

Ibtisam felt the experience ‘ helped build my confidence and courage to speak to a lawyer’. 

Mathusan said he  ‘ loved the pressure and gained a good  understanding of how an actual interview would be conducted….. The pressure did not go down even by the slightest, but it was really  fun speaking to the interviewer.’

The feedback from the interviewers was equally positive. Our students were delighted to receive such encouraging feedback including ‘Very impressive and  passionate….extremely  well presented and articulate’

We would all like to thank Batoolah, Emma and the team at PGIM for providing our VI Form with such a useful and rewarding  experience!