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Exploring the World of Non-Newtonian Fluids: A Journey with Professor Michael Cates

On Thursday 25 April, six Year 12 Physics students attended a thought-provoking lecture at the Royal Society by Professor Michael Cates from the University of Cambridge.

The lecture focused on "Bullet-proof Custard" and delved into the fascinating world of non-Newtonian fluids. Initially challenging, Professor Cates' explanations gradually made the topic more accessible, highlighting the relationship between stress levels, viscosity, and friction-dependent density. One intriguing example discussed was the application of Oobleck in chocolate making, demonstrating how non-Newtonian fluids retain their properties even when mixed with solid substances through processes like conching.

The lecture was both informative and enjoyable, providing valuable insights into theoretical and material physics.

Jigar Jignesh (Year 12 Physics A-level student)