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Year 12 with a visit to the UCAS Discovery Fair

This half-term kicked off for Year 12 with a visit to the UCAS Discovery Fair. This was an excellent opportunity for all students to meet representatives from a wide range of universities and businesses offering apprenticeships and School Leavers’ Schemes. 

UCAS, the organisation that connects students from all over the world to universities in the UK, also offers a Hub for students to find out more about apprenticeships and to connect them to a growing number of businesses. 

Our students valued the opportunity to visit UCAS Discovery. Aya remarked:
"As a potential university student, this event was revolutionary because it gave me insightful knowledge and opened doors to interesting possibilities. Situated at the University of East London, the fair served as a centre for inspiration and information. The enthusiastic exhibitors in attendance at the event gave insightful explanations of the real-world uses of these courses as well as the chances for career advancement. My desire to pursue higher education has been strengthened, and it has given me a deeper understanding of my academic and professional objectives."

Similarly, Ilyas was very pleased to have had the chance to discuss his interests with university representatives: "I was also afraid about moving out but they helped my fear and trepidation surrounding that …..I know now that forensic science is the course for me"