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What do Lawyers really do?

Knowing how a top legal business operates and what goes on behind the scenes at a global investment firm isn’t something that most Year 12 students can claim to have. But this is precisely what 8 of our students can now add to their CVs. The students spent their half-term break finding out about a career in Law in all its various forms.  Three days at Paul Hastings and one day at PGIM Fixed Income gave them insights into different practice areas as well as the opportunity to work on interview skills, CV drafting and routes into a career in Law. 

‘The shadowing we did with the fund research lawyers was very informative, and I learnt a lot about a sector of law that I did not know even existed’, Aqsa commented.

Zohal remarked: ‘What stood out to me was the different areas you could work in corporate law and how they connect to each other. Moreover, after spending time at both Paul Hastings and PGIM, I'm able to see the differences between in-house lawyers and lawyers that work in a law firm. It was a wonderful experience to be a part of!'

Sabrina described her experience at the two firms as incredibly enriching: ‘At Paul Hastings, I enjoyed shadowing the credit funds team, who explained their work and guided us through proofreading contracts. Visiting the Royal Courts of Justice deepened my appreciation for the legal system. At PGIM, I particularly enjoyed talking to the in-house lawyers and participating in a scavenger hunt where we engaged with various professionals to learn about their roles. These experiences have influenced me to consider a career combining law and finance.'

We are very grateful to the teams at PGIM and Paul Hastings for their ongoing commitment to helping us provide opportunities for our students to realise their ambitions.