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Year 12 Trip the local care home

Health and Social care year 12 group visited the local care home and organised an event for Valentines. They sung, did arts and crafts, read poems and engaged with the residents. It was a proud moment to see how empathetic our students can be! This is what they had to say about the visit: 

"It was an eye opener as it helped me understand the residents lifestyle. I had fun with them"  - Munira 

"It was very eye opening and heartwarming." - Kinga

"Very friendly and welcoming environment, the caters were super nice and we had so much fun with everyone organising"- Samira

"It was a fun and educational experience that allowed me to have an insight on how care homes functioned"- Naheema

"It was a very fun and beneficial experience, it also taught me skills such as patience."  - Sara

"The care home gave us all a stronger understanding of the lives of the elderly and gave us all an experience on how to interact with people whom our outside our age group." - Rashida