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Calculated Exam Results 2020

Year 11 - GCSE and Level 2 BTECs

4 students achieved all their students at the top grades 8/9.

14 students achieved all of their subjects at grades 9-7

  • 77% students achieved grades 9-4 in English and Maths (5%increase from 2019)
  • 53% students achieved grades 9-5 in English and Maths (4%increase from 2019)
  • 30% of students achieved the English Baccalaureate (Grade 5+) (4%increase from 2019)
  • 50% of students achieved the English Baccalaureate (Grade 4+) (5%increase from 2019)
  • 85% of students achieved grades 9-4 in English, with 68% achieving grades 9-5 and 30%achieving grades 9-7.  12% of students achieved the top grades of 8/9.
  • 81% of students achieved grades 9-4 in Maths, with 60% achieving grades 9-5 and 31%achieving grades 9-7.  12% of students achieved the top grades of 8/9.

In Science:

  • 52% of students achieved grades 9-7 in Biology;
  • 48% of students achieved grades 9-7 in Chemistry;
  • 52% of students achieved grades 9-7 in Physics;
  • 70% of students achieved grades 9-4 in Combined Science, with 43% achieving grades 9-5 and %achieving grades 9-7.  8% students achieved the top grades of 8/9.

Achieving the top grades of 8/9 across all their subjects were Rivini Devendra, Rahima Mohamud, Khushi Parekh and Diti Shah.  Diti who achieved the top grade of 9 in all her subjects said “The Media coverage and recent government changes made the last few days extremely anxious. I am so glad that Cente Assessed Grades were used and teachers recognised my effort and hard work. They were the ones who made me successful through their teaching and support in and out of the classroom.”

There was further success in students receiving top grades with Archana Krishnaveni and Nojika Selvapragash who each secured 9 subjects at grades 8-9.  Nojika who had been extremely nervous in the days prior to the government announcement on Centre Assessed Grades commented “I knew my hard work would pay off. I have been feeling extremely nervous over the last few days but the support from my parents, the school and all my teachers for always believing in me has helped me achieve these results.”

Beth Kobel, Headteacher at Preston Manor School commended the hard work by all at the school; “The results are a culmination of the commitment, resilience and positive attitude of our students across their years of study.  I am always filled with a huge sense of pride in what our students have achieved and this year is no different.   It is testament to the partnership between our students, parents and staff that we are able celebrate these results together.  Although many will be staying in our sixth form, I wish all our students the very best in their next steps.” 

Further students who achieved grade 9-7’s across all their subjects included Rahim Anjum (two 9’s, five 8’s and three 7s), Cristina-Georgiana Bicher (seven 8’s and two 7’s), Hana Hadidi (three 9’s, three 8’s, four 7’s) and Michael Khasaev (two 9’s, five 8’s and two 7’s). 

They were keen to thank everyone who had encouraged them and supported them along the way.

Year 13 - A Level and Level 3 BTECs

27% of students secured A*/A grades

58% of students secured A*-B grades

84% of students secured A*-C grades

100% pass rate across all subjects.

Despite challenging times, Preston Manor students have shown resilience, determination and a relentless focus on their learning. Many of our students are delighted and relieved to have secured their first choice destinations.

Huge congratulations to all of our students, however there were stand out performances from 9 students who achieved A*/A grades. Two students, including Ibrahim Najmudin, achieved 3 A* grades and Mohammad-Omar Diab El-Arab and Kush Khatri both secured 2 A* amongst their results. 

Many of our students achieved top grades in their vocational subjects with Iqra Ali and Bisharo Mohammed achieving D*D. Samira Osman, Sebastian Amariei, Rushil Patel, Raahil Qureshi and Mehaira Adbelhamid all achieved D*s.

Below are just a selection of the Universities students secured places at and the courses they will go on to study:

  • University of Oxford, Physics

  • Imperial, Civil Engineering

  • University of Warwick, Computer Science

  • King’s College London, Medicine

  • UCL, Medicine

  • UCL, Electrical engineering

  • LSE, Maths with Economics

  • LSE, Maths and Statistics

  • Institute of contemporary Music Performance
    *Please note 2020 examination results are based on Calculated Exam Grades awarded by examination boards due to the cancelling of exminations due to Coronavirus.