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Coronavirus Advice

Please remember it is a requirement that people who are ill stay at home. Your child must not attend school if they are unwell with any one of the coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, or if someone in your household has symptoms as well. Please read the Parent/Carer Guide to Coronavirus scenarios here to support you in decision making, if your child or someone in your household presents with symptoms. I know parents/carers are anxious about their child missing any more time in school, however we need to be considerate of all in our community, some of whom are more vulnerable to becoming seriously ill if they contract the virus.

Once the school receives notice of a student isolating, your child’s DSD will contact parent/carers to discuss learning provision. We will work with those families where young people need to isolate to ensure their learning continues.

Active engagement with NHS Test and Trace is also a key measure in controlling the virus, however nationally there are difficulties in booking appointments, as demand for tests has increased. If you are unable to book a test at a local site, please book an appointment at the Harlesden or Wembley walk through testing sites.  More information on these local test sites and how to arrange an appointment can be found here

For the most up-to-date advice on the Coronavirus, please click on the following link:

Government Guidance to Parents on preparing their child to return to school

For translated versions of the above advice, please collect on the language needed below:










There is specific medical advice on Coronavirus from Brent below or click here. 

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It is an expectation at Preston Manor Upper School that students wear a face mask when in communal areas of the school, where social distancing may not be possible.  For advice and guidance on wearing, making and cleaning a face mask click here.