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English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Our EAL (English as an Additional Language) Department plays a crucial role in upholding the school values of Inclusion and Equality of Opportunity for all students. Our diverse student population, encompassing a wide array of linguistic and cultural backgrounds, is at the heart of our community. We celebrate this diversity and work to ensure that each learner has equal access to the curriculum and thrives within the English education system.

Mission and Teaching Philosophy

We firmly believe that language is power, and our dedicated team of EAL teachers are committed to nurturing the English language skills of our multilingual students. Acknowledging the significance of language in shaping the world, we focus on developing proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Our teaching philosophy revolves around active learning, participation, and collaboration, instilling a passion for learning and a sense of pride and responsibility in our students.

Key Objectives at KS3
EAL students are supported to:

  • Develop their use of English in various contexts, especially academic language and subject-specific vocabulary.
  • Cultivate independent study skills, including investigation and research.
  • Acquire strategies to access the mainstream curriculum during lesson time.
  • Grow in confidence, develop social skills, and embrace fundamental British values.
  • Maintain and value their home-language heritage and culture as part of their identity.

Key Objectives at KS4
EAL students are further supported to:

  • Develop effective practical communication skills in English across various contexts.
  • Form a solid foundation for further study and employment using English as the medium.
  • Enhance independent study skills, including self-study, internet research, and completing home learning independently.
  • Deepen strategies to access more complex mainstream GCSE curriculum during lesson time.
  • Become ambitious, proactive, and enthusiastic learners, serving as role models for others.

EAL Support Services

Our EAL Teachers actively contribute to the learning and teaching of students new to English,
ensuring equality of opportunity, full inclusion in school life, and progression in line with high
expectations. Our support includes:

  • Language assessment on entry and an Induction Day for new students.
  • Induction Classes for 'Survival English' focusing on basic grammar, language, and vocabulary.
  • Tailored interventions such as Literacy College and Literacy Withdrawals.
  • In-class support across various subject areas.
  • GCSE in English as a Second Language or IGCSE in English as an Additional Language as a fully accredited option in Year 10 and Year 11.
  • Exam arrangements, including extra time and access to bilingual dictionaries.
  • Various clubs and resources to support with homework and school assignments.

Parental Support

We understand the importance of involving parents in the educational journey. For parents with
English as an additional language, we offer:

  • Interpreting during parent evenings and meetings.
  • Phone calls home in the home language.
  • Advice on any aspect of your child’s progress and education.

Key contact:
Ms Fiedler (EAL Coordinator)