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Group Work

Anxiety/Reflection Group

Preston Manor runs an anxiety group for students that are experiencing some form of stress or anxiety.

The Anxiety groups run for 6 weeks in Preston Manor School and take place in a different lesson each week. The students are guided through a series of workshops that address the feelings that surround their anxieties.

Any parents wanting to refer their child to mentoring must contact the respective DSD. DSD’s and Form Tutors make all referrals for the Anxiety Group through the Pastoral Gateway.

Music Production Group

The Music Production group is run by Mr. Carboo and has been set up to nurture the creative musical talents of the students. The music department has a professional music producer that helps with mentoring and getting the best out of the budding artists. The producer assists students with; writing, arranging, editing and producing musical content for students. The music/songs/poems produced is used for events and activities around the school. 

Any parents wanting to refer their child to mentoring must contact the respective DSD. The Lead Learning Mentor and DSD’s can make referrals for the Music production group mentoring. Students can self refer through the Lead Learning Mentor. All referrals go through the Pastoral Gateway.

Sports Mentoring Groups

The Sports Projects are aimed at promoting social cohesion throughout the school and year groups. The aim was to give students a focus for lunchtimes, get the year groups to mix and interact positively with each other, and for the students to develop respect, discipline, and leadership skills. The sports tournaments also help students that have difficulty integrating with the other students or students that may feel isolated.

The feeling of being part of a team helps students to feel better about themselves, build self esteem, be more relaxed in school, and ultimately perform better in class. It is great for students to mix with each other in a positive manner and be part of teams with various other students from different year groups.

Anger Management Group

This group runs for three sessions. We look at what anger is, different types of anger, where anger comes from, and how to manage anger. We consider practical solutions and triggers, equipping students with the tools they need to manage their emotions.