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Literacy Checklist Tab

Literacy checklist for parents, carers and students

Every time you finish a piece of written work use a green pen to correct any errors from the list.

Punctuation: have you used a suitable range of punctuation marks?

Spelling: is your spelling correct? Begin with the key words from the lesson and then check other words that you are unsure of in the dictionary.   

Vocabulary: have you used vocabulary that is appropriate to the task and its audience? – ask your teacher if you are not sure.

Capital letters: do all of your sentences and any proper nouns begin with a capital letter?

Sentences: have you written in full and clear sentences? If you are in a creative subject they may need to be varied for effect. 

Paragraphs: have you separated and ordered your ideas into clear, logical paragraphs that help your reader understand what you are writing?

Whole text: is your writing suitable for its audience, purpose and form?