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Selfie Cop

As you know, thousands of children in Brent will get their first smartphone this Christmas.  

Yet, ongoing cases of Sexting show how impulsive kids can be when using such devices.

In response, our new app SelfieCop teaches kids to Stop-&-Think before taking or sharing photos. It works in 2 ways: (

  1. Everytime the camera is activated a message appears to remind kids that their photos could (ultimately) be seen by anyone.
  2. SelfieCop can also send parents a copy of photos taken by the camera, so they can be reviewed for safety (until their children are older).

By deterring Sexting the app also helps to:

  • Reduce cyberbullying. 
  • Restore discipline in the classroom.
  • Prevent the criminalisation of kids.

"SelfieCop is a useful tool that can help parents safeguard their children's online activities." ISPCC




SelfieCop takes just 3 minutes to set-up.

Step-1 :: Download & install the SelfieCop Parent-App onto the parent's smartphone.

Step-2 :: Download & install the SelfieCop Child-App onto the child's smartphone.

Step-3 :: Link the apps via SMS & share the encryption code.

That's it. From then on, SelfieCop will detect photos & videos taken via popular messaging apps, such as:

- WhatsApp
- Instagram
- Twitter
- Facebook
- MessageMe
- Twitter
- Kik
- & more

SelfieCop is aimed at kids aged about 7-13 years, when they get their first smartphone. 

The idea is to teach safe behaviours early, so when they are older (& a tool like SefieCop is less appropriate) they are more likely to think-twice before sharing an unsafe image.

SelfieCop takes privacy very seriously - it is *NOT* SpyWare.

Selfie Cop treats children as crucial stakeholders & take their UNCRC Article 16 "Right to Privacy" (e.g. in communications) very seriously. For example, our set-up process requires parents to ask children for consent during installation.

Many schools, child protection agencies & police forces now support SelfieCop, for example officers in Police Scotland.

Read their  Privacy Policy online.

SelfieCop is now available for all Android smartphones. 

An iPhone version is due in 2016.

SelfieCop is free to everyone who signs-up before January 2016.