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Student Leadership

At Preston Manor School, we recognise that our students are the leaders of the future and therefore provide a range of opportunities for our students to develop their leadership skills. Student's voice is valued and promoted. We encourage all of our students to embrace the wide range of opportunities available to them – and always seek to find new ways that we can further empower our students. This enables our students to develop as individuals, as a community and grow the school as a whole. 

We have developed a range of leadership opportunities for our students. For some of our leadership positions, children are elected by their peers through a democratic process. Others require children to apply for posts often requiring a written letter of application, giving a presentation and going through an interview process.

Head Boy and Head Girl (Spring Term 2023)

Gavin (Y6) and Lara (Y6)

Prefects (Spring Term 2023)

Year 6

Abigail, Ellen, Lara, Gabriel, Ali M, Ritika, Yusif, Zain, Gavin, Rajon

Buddy Readers (Spring Term 2023)

Year 3 Ahmed A, Angel, Andrada, Desharn, Mohamed, Zack, Kashvi
Year 4 Divina, Richmond, David G, Ayub, Asma
Year 5 Bradyn, Mariah, Hasenat, Zuri 
Year 6 Rukaya, Ferdows, Gaurang, Bidhara

Peer Mentors (Spring Term 2023)

Year 3  Francisca, Hasna, Alexia, Jainish
Year 4 Alex, Anthony, Zane, Imaan, Victoria, Dhruv
Year 5 Yunus, Navya, Janma, Ahlam, Zuri, Carla, David B

Librarians (Spring Term 2023)

Head Librarian Aisha H
Year 4 (Mondays) Sofia, Maryam, Tobias, Alex
Year 5 (Thursday) Aisha, David B, Navya, Cory, Aeesha
Year 6
Gabriel, Takbir, Destinee, Jonathan

School Council (2022/2023)

Year 2 Arfa, Lucas, Tulsi, Oskaras
Year 3 Rayan, Francesca
Year 4 Victoria, Masud, Alexia Potap, 
Year 5 Gabriel, Christabelle, Dev, Aeesha
Year 6 Zain, Amira, Ivo, Alisha

Anti Bullying Ambassadors (2022/2023)

Year 4 Tobias, Chestnut
Year 5 Devisha, Kaden, Gabriel, Aditri