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House System

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The  Elements – Preston Manor’s House System

We have recently set up a House System to run alongside the standard Form and Year Group format in order to generate and promote the following characteristics:

*Pride – the pride of belonging to a House, and forging allegiances with new and different groups of students

*Teamwork – from working with students from other year groups with a common aim

*Leadership Skills - managing and coordinating, taking a lead role in a project, quiz, tournament or competition

*Healthy competition – learning the valuable life skills of ‘humble in victory and magnanimous in defeat’

*Citizenship - seeing beyond school, working on charity fund-raising events and projects

We have chosen The Elements as both the theme and the name of the four houses: Earth, Air, Fire and Water and the structure of the houses is as follows:

  • Each form will be in the same House, with other forms from different years; a full mixture…
  • Staff will also be assigned a House; tutors will be allied to their forms, and other staff will be distributed equally…
  • Each HOUSE will have a VI Form House Captain…
  • Year-round competitions and events between HOUSES, culminating in SPORTS DAY… 
  • All four HOUSES will support a chosen charity and used house events and competitions to raise money for it