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Modern Languages


In Preston Manor, the study of Modern Languages is central to the school curriculum. Learning a language in our school is fun, intellectually stimulating and provides students with essential skills, attributes and knowledge which will empower them for the future. Students do not only learn to communicate in another language but are also enriched by other cultures.

We aim to create 'Confident Linguists who are aware of the world around them'.

We want students to…

  • Enjoy and be enthusiastic about their Language learning
  • Use the Language spontaneously, creatively and accurately
  • Make rapid and sustained progress and exceed their expected grade
  • Know about, and immerse themselves in, other languages, histories and cultures
  • Challenge stereotypical views about other cultures and languages

KS3 Programme of Study: Developing a new set of skills for language learning.

At Key Stage 3, students learn either French or Spanish. More able students have the opportunity to learn 2 languages: French or Spanish. From Year 7 to Year 9, pupils improve their language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing on topics such as ‘me and my family, home town, hobbies, health, school, holidays, future plans and the environment. In addition, pupils work on cultural projects throughout the year.

By the end of Key Stage 3, pupils will be confident in communicating and interacting effectively for a variety of purposes using at least 3 tenses. Students will become proficient in using opinions, justifications, time expressions, connectives and different pronouns.


KS4 Programme of Study: Refining skills learned to produce more complex language.

More than 75% of students take a language at GCSE at Preston Manor. At Key Stage 4, pupils build on the skills developed at KS3 to produce more complex language. They will work on the same topics but the language will gradually become more challenging and pupils will become more confident and autonomous language speakers. Pupils will use ActiveLearn to complete home learning tasks.

French, German and Spanish pupils follow the AQA syllabus.

By the end of Key Stage 4, pupils will be confident in communicating and interacting effectively in the four skills for a variety of purposes using at least 5 tenses. Students will be able to use complex language on three main themes: ‘identity and culture’, ‘local and global interests’ and ‘school, education and future employment’.

KS5 Programme of Study: Mastering skills learnt to become a fluent speaker of a foreign language.

At Key Stage 5, pupils have the opportunity to reach new heights in language learning. Topics are linked to current affairs and require students to use their analytical skills. Pupils can develop an understanding of the socio-economic and political history of the target language countries.  Furthermore, pupils are required to do more independent research and form personal judgements. Learning a language at Key Stage 5 provides pupils with rewarding challenges and experiences and opens the door to the top universities across the world.