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Sixth Form students excel in UKMT Senior Maths Challenge and Girls Olympiad.

In the Maths Department, Sixth Form students have been applying their knowledge and understanding of maths to the UKMT Senior Maths Challenge and Girls Olympiad.

On the 28 September, four further maths students took part in the challenging UKMT Girls Olympiad. This challenge consists of five puzzling questions. One student received a Merit award which is a brilliant achievement.

Firdaus  - Merit
Iona  - Participation
Keya  - Participation
Manisha  - Participation

On Tuesday 4th October, seventy-two year 12 and 13 students took part in the UKMT Senior Maths Challenge. To be able to gain a certificate, students have to gain enough points to be in the top 66% of all participants in the UK to receive a Bronze, Silver or Gold award. From the 72 students who took part, one student was awarded the Gold certificate, five students were awarded the silver certificate and eighteen students were awarded the bronze certificate.

One student who received the Gold award has also made it through to the next round, the Andrew Jobbings Senior Kangaroo.

Manisha Patel - 13O - Gold Best in School
Alexandru - 13O - Silver
Virudshika  - 12N - Silver Best in year
Keya  - 12N - Silver
Husain - 13N - Silver
Hajanujan -13O - Silver
Reece - 12P - Bronze
Dhyan - 13R - Bronze
Firdaus - 13O Bronze
Azaf -12P - Bronze
Prathisa - 13O - Bronze
Rozelle - 12E - Bronze
Jay - 13O - Bronze
Glen - 12N - Bronze
Yunus - 12P - Bronze
Dhruv - 13P - Bronze
Amnah - 13P - Bronze
Dhruv - 12S - Bronze
Iona - 13S - Bronze
Lara - 13R - Bronze
Rudreksha -12P - Bronze
Najma - 12E - Bronze
Gran - 12S - Bronze
Jaden - 12S - Bronze