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Year 12 visit SnapChat

Winter can be dull and dreary, but not if you’re part of our Year 12  Pathways for Success Mentoring group! As part of this programme, run by Making the Leap, some very enthusiastic Year 12 students took up the opportunity to take part in a Business Insight Visit in Central London. The event was hosted by SnapChat at their Head Office in collaboration with Amazon Web Services.

After being treated to a great breakfast and chance to network, our  students took part in a  panel Q&A discussion where they heard about the successful career journeys of the Snapchat and AWS professionals.

"I really liked listening to their inspiring journeys about how they made it into the industry and the steps it took to become a successful candidate"  - Aya Toumlit.

A speed networking session offered the students the chance to get some insider tips about making successful applications from representatives of the two companies and then students were given a real world task of designing an app which would help solve some of the environmental problems within their local  area.

Aya was the leader of the  finance team within her group who designed an app called Clean Breathe which  aimed to decrease pollution within the Wembley area allowing for a decrease in respiratory problems. Leanne’s group came up with BinsUp, an app to track the nearest bins around  to avoid littering outside,something which has become a global issue. 

The students worked in groups from other Sixth Forms to come up with the marketing  and financial plan of their app idea which they then  presented to the judges.

"I enjoyed socialising with my group and making new friends along with networking with the people from different departments"  - Rozhena Bakhtar.

"What I liked about visiting the Snapchat office" commented Aya "was discovering the different ways the filters were made as I spoke to  alumni. I learnt that Snapchat caters for all kinds of people and that there are societies within the company that help individuals from BAME backgrounds to feel included, for example SnapNoir and SnapHabibi."
"By completing the variety of tasks" said Rozhena, "I was able to get out of my comfort zone and connect with several new people. I was able to develop my soft skills such as listening and speaking as well as build my confidence. Overall, it was an amazing day, working in a team and participating in a difficult yet exciting task."