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Year 8 Cambridge Physics Experience

On Thursday 30 April, 23 Year 8 students visited Cambridge University. Upon arrival, we were given a great presentation about why one would like to go to university and how it is beneficial for our career, as well as understanding the workload involved in joining a major college. There- after we were shown around the college where we received brief explanations about the buildings we visited, which included a common room, a garden walkway, the canteen area, the rent rooms, and accommodation etc.

Following the tour, we returned to the lecture room and were given an enlightening presentation about careers, how to pay fees, and how to find the correct profession, emphasising that one decision you make won't impact your life as greatly as you may think it would.

After finishing, we walked to the Cavendish Laboratory, which is part of the Physics department, and took part in many physics experiments, working together to overcome challenges facing us. This resulted in a great understanding of quite a few challenges revolving around the Mars Rover project, etc. We then took the minibus back to Preston Manor.

In conclusion, we had a great time, and the experience helped develop stronger opinions about future careers and plans for building trust and attending university.

Gitanjali P (8P Student)