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Preston Manor Basketball Tournament 2019

Preston Manor Basketball Tournament 2019 - Another huge success!

The Black Boys Council (B.B.C.) organised the tournament at the student’s request after the success of last year and this year did not disappoint!

The B.B.C. created, distributed and collecting application forms and Year 11 Captains selected an equal mix of players from Yr7 to Year 11.  It was great to see students from all year groups and all abilities coming together as a community. O

Over 200 students plus a number of staff supported the teams in the enthralling final.  To entertain the crowd and raise awareness for Black History Month, the Preston Manor Dance Troop performed at half time.

A big thank you goes to Ms Robinson for supporting the dancers and Mr. Callan who did an amazing job of refereeing all the matches.

There was a fabulous community atmosphere throughout the entire tournament with great sportsmanship and skill on display. Well done to everyone that took part and made such an exciting, fun competitive event.

The (B.B.C.) are already in the process of organising a Spring Basketball tournament.