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Our Challenge Partners Review

On 2nd to 4th March Preston Manor School was visited by Challenge Partners, as part of a whole school peer review. 

Senior leaders, from other outstanding schools, visited lessons and looked through student work, as well as speaking at length with students, staff and governors, and we are really pleased to report, they were thoroughly impressed with what they saw.  We know Preston Manor is a really special place and a fantastic school, but it is wonderful to have that confirmed by an external eye.

As always, our students did us proud! They held the doors open, greeted our visitors politely and spoke to them articulately about how they support and care about others in the school and in the wider community. They confirmed that one of our key strengths as a school is our positive and inclusive community feel. They thought the relationships between teachers and students and between peers was excellent. They could see our school expectations of being kind, shining through in the classroom, and the four dispositions of the learning identity supporting students to be more independent. They commented on the amount of high quality work that students produce and how students engage meaningfully with feedback.

Well done and thank you to all of Preston Manor's stakeholders, including our supportive parents and families. It is so wonderful to hear that others can see that our hard work is making our school a wonderful place to learn and work!

Kind regards,

Beth Kobel