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Behaviour Principles


Making school memorable by striving for excellence – the highest aspirations for all

Our aim is to be an excellent and memorable school. We have the highest aspirations for all children, students and staff to enjoy learning in a safe and inclusive environment.  We recognise our duty to contribute to a society in which there is a common vision and sense of belonging and the diversity of our multicultural community is appreciated, celebrated and valued.  As well as ensuring that similar life opportunities are available to all, we strive to harness the energies of our children, students, staff and parents to establish strong, positive relationships at home, in school and in the wider community.


At Preston Manor we expect all students to behave well.  The Education and Inspections Act 2006 includes a specific responsibility to discipline students for teachers and other staff with pastoral responsibilities for students.  This applies to breaking school rules, failure to follow instructions or other unacceptable behaviour. It applies at any time a student is in school or elsewhere under the charge of a staff member, including where a student is participating in a school visit.  This responsibility also applies for misbehaviour outside the school gate or when students are off school premises and not under the control of the school staff and also relates to any bullying incidents occurring anywhere off the school premises.

Behaviour Expectations  

  • Be prepared, ready to learn and give your best
  • Be kind, respectful and polite to all members of the school community
  • Be safe, help keep others safe and respect the school environment

Behaviour we seek to reward:

  • Meeting Preston Manor’s Learning Identity
  • Thinking of others/someone else
  • Behaviour that is never less than good
  • Showing outstanding effort
  • Contributing to the school outside of the classroom
  • Being actively involved in student leadership opportunities

To help achieve students follow the school rules and go over and above staff will:

  • Be a role model
  • Seek to build positive working relationship with students 
  • Be calm, fair and consistent
  • Encourage, recognise and reward good behaviour.