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Business Studies

Business Studies

Curriculum Intent for Business and Enterprise Department

Business Studies at Preston Manor aims to inspire students to understand the importance of enterprise and the nature of the business world. Students will leave the classroom enriched with abroad and balanced perspective of business, as well as an inspiration for success and a passionate to work hard in the community. Throughout the Business curriculum, students will take a journey that develops their knowledge and skills to evaluate the dynamics of a business. This will lead to an outcome where students enjoy their learning to make good progress by applying the knowledge and skills to the subject as well as events faced in their everyday pathways.

Our Business curriculum enables students to have the ability to think commercially and creatively to demonstrate business acumen.  Students at Preston Manor will be aware of the impact of business in the real world through exploring a range of diverse case studies on local to global businesses. Students will come to appreciate a wide view of how businesses operate in a multicultural society which will open their views to the evolving nature of businesses. The curriculum delivers a platform to business theory, scaffolded at each key stage, allowing students to develop their interest in the subject further. 


Preston Manor students will have the ability to think commercially and creatively to demonstrate business acumen in class activities, presentations and enrichment projects, in addition to external enrichment.  Teaching will provide opportunities to develop confident students with high expectations who can be creative, resilient and be skilled for the globalised workplace. Business studies allows students to develop an excellent variety of skills to achieve lifelong learning.

KS3 Business


Through this course, students are introduced to the world of Business where they will gain an introductory insight into the main topics of GCSE Business, this includes topics such as; marketing, enterprise, finance and economics. From this, students will be provided with subject-specific knowledge in each area where the student develops an interest to thread theory to discover the workings of a business.


As well as developing both work and life skills through a myriad of opportunities presented to them, they will begin to progress to create their own business plan whereby students will complete a presentation, further allowing them to develop their communication skills. Alongside this, they will participate in enterprise allowing students to express creativity and teamwork as well as developing numeracy skills. Moreover, students will further develop both their written analytical and judgement skills to be reflective learners. 


By the end of the year, students will have the choice of either taking the subject as one of their GCSE options in which they have precedently gained the baseline knowledge of topic areas and skills required for GCSE Business or either having the choice of not taking it as a GCSE but having achieved the knowledge regarding the economy and the significance of the business world.


KS4 Business


Key stage 4 Business takes on a more comprehensive and engaging approach to the course teaching an overview of the many theories which have built the foundation of the subject. The course further elaborates on the teachings of finance, marketing, operational management and business strategy. The course is centered upon the business environment and the role of enterprise through a global perspective, exposing the student to develop their opinions and share information about businesses across the world. 


Students acquire skills to meet requirements at the end of year 11, a keen focus is placed on developing the student to be critical and have the confidence to apply knowledge to real business context by weighing up the evidence or data. The students are inspired to be increasingly responsible for their learning, through home learning and class activities which allows the development of a diverse range of skills which they can use further in their careers.


KS5 Business and Economics


Business at Key stage 5 is delivered enthusiastically to develop a student on their passion and creativity for the subject, the course overarches knowledge with skills to allow the student to be thorough in their theories of the focal topics of business decision making and economic theory.  It consolidates the topics in a two year course to provide an in depth understanding of the global business context as well as the student explaining the how and the why of a business decision. 


Students are encouraged to make well informed decisions based on the business or economic strategies they have learnt. We encourage the student to take on wider reading and an approach of autonomy for learning about the diverse economies in the world and changing business world. It develops an analytical, rigorous and critical approach to the decision making process for a business student, the student captures a skill set which can be used in the workplace or university.