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Counselling Service and Parent Consultation

Counselling Service at Preston Manor


Young people may want counselling for a number of reasons. Adolescence can be a particularly difficult and confusing time and they may be struggling with their emotions, mood and thoughts or experiencing difficulties with relationships or aspects of home and school life. Talking things through with a trained therapist can help them to make sense of themselves and what is going on for them so that things can feel more manageable.

Who we are:

The Preston Manor Counselling Service is provided by The Brent Centre for Young People (BCYP) www.

We are a specialist mental health provision for adolescents, offering counselling/ therapy in various settings in the local community and we have had a team of therapists at Preston Manor School since 1999.

The core of our service here is one to one weekly counselling sessions. Depending what is felt appropriate, students may be offered short term counselling with a fixed number of sessions, or on-going sessions where the therapist and young person decide together when to end.

In addition, we offer students therapeutic and discussion groups, lunch time ‘drop ins’ around exam time we have a 6th form consultation service.  

What happens when your child is receiving counselling at school? 

Students are referred to our service by a member of staff (via their DSD). Parental consent is sought, but sometimes older students can consent themselves, if agreed by members of staff and the BCYP. Sixth formers can self–refer to the consultation service set up specifically for them.

The contents of sessions are kept confidential, except if there are concerns regarding your child’s safety and wellbeing, which is our primary concern. In such cases we are bound by the same rules as other members of staff.

In some cases, it is helpful for parents/carers to have an appointment too to support the young person’s counselling. This would be with another member of the team.

Parent/carer consultation service:

Even if your child is not receiving counselling, if you have concerns about their emotional and mental wellbeing or behaviour and want help thinking about them, you can request a parent consultation by emailing us directly at

For more information please download the flyer ‘Preston Manor Parent Carer Consultation Service’ below