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Drama & Dance

Drama & Dance

Curriculum Intent: Drama and Dance


Within the Faculty of Performing Arts, Drama and Dance seek to lead students

through a range of creative movements and practitioners which inspire and provoke



We strive to develop the whole student by exploring what it means to be a creator of one's own work. By learning how to process, sequence and present ideas, students cultivate self-esteem and confidence in who they are. Our curriculum supports innovation, playfulness and curiosity; developing the tools with which to be creative so students can express the world as they experience it and form ideas on how they want their world to be.


The Dance and Drama curriculum draws from a broad base of historical, social and cultural stimuli; thus inviting students to gain a deeper awareness of the world they live in and engage in ethical debate through imaginative play.


By participating in whole school, community and regional events we aim to cultivate a sense of inclusion and enrichment which fosters a lifelong appreciation of the arts in all Preston Manor graduates.


Knowledge and understanding at the end of Key Stage 3: 


In KS3 we take a holistic approach to teaching Drama and Dance introducing, developing and refining the application of dance and drama skills. The cyclical structure of the schemes designed for KS3 means students are equipped with the necessary experience and techniques required to create, perform and review their work at GCSE and BTEC level.


KS3 schemes of work include themes from other countries, theatre practitioners movement skills, and topical social issues. The courses offered provide a number of opportunities to develop skills in Literacy, Reading, Speaking and Listening. All students are encouraged to be effective collaborators and confident communicators. Through regular presentations, self and peer assessment tasks and practical DIRT tasks students learn how to develop their ideas and respond effectively to the opinions of others.


By the end of Y9 a Preston Manor student should be able to apply drama and dance skills to create meaning and impact for their audience. Y9 students should be able to use and understand a shared drama and dance language; using subject specific terms to describe and evaluate their work and the work of others. Students will be familiar with a range of genres, styles, and techniques specific to the subject. At the end of the keystage a Y9 student will be familiar with how to use a marking criteria and success criteria to peer and self-assess their work in order to set targets for their future learning.



Knowledge and understanding at the end of Key Stage 4:


In KS4 we aim to develop a creative and adaptive student by deepening an appreciation of how to analyse a script and use production elements to realise it’s intentions. In KS4 Dance students widen their knowledge of analysing Dance in performance and live production. BTEC students learn professional pieces of choreography and use various choreographic devices to generate their own pieces.


By the end of KS4 students should be able to respond in a sophisticated and imaginative way to a given stimulus and use a range of Drama/Dance techniques and conventions for impact.


Students will develop an understanding of theatre design and theatre production via textual analysis and visits to professional theatre.

At the end of KS4 Dance students will be able to create imaginative pieces of choreography, analyse the skills needed to perform and develop an understanding of the different elements of choreography from a range of set pieces.


By the end of KS4 students should have developed their time and project management skills via the process of devising their coursework; thus also strengthening their collaboration and leadership skills. Short written assignments and logbooks will enable students to write about their work effectively, using subject specific vocabulary and build confidence to plan, structure and write formal essays.