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Elevate and Enrich Programme Outline


For Elevate and Enrich Student Experience section


Elevate and Enrich 

We want all of our students to aim high, to aspire and to achieve their ambitions. There are two key elements that ensure success:  first of all - and very importantly,  each student needs to achieve the best possible grades; and secondly but crucially,  each student needs to build up an individual and impressive ‘Super-Curricular and Enrichment Profile’ over their 2 years in VI Form. 

Think of it as having 2 baskets to fill - one is for your all important academic qualifications achieved through the A Level curriculum;  and the other basket is for the super-curriculum, the wider experience of discovering,  learning and growing into a curious, independent and reflective young person.

Target A*/A  Students.

The Super-Curricular and Enrichment Profile is especially important for our most able students. Our Target A*/A students compete every year against other similarly able students, both nationally and internationally, for the most sought after places at elite universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial and UCL. 

Despite the level of competition Preston Manor’s  top students are the ones who are selected. Any student making a competitive application to Oxford, Cambridge, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine will benefit from having an outstanding Enrichment Folder and  one to one mentoring support which includes help with all aspects of the application process including the Personal Statement and bespoke Interview practice.

Have a look at some examples below:

Naziim M
Y13 2019-2020

Subjects: Biology, Chemistry and Maths     Possible Carrier: Medicine

Super and extra-curricular enrichment activities:

-Attended a Cambridge master class on medicine.

-Bridge the gap

-Futurelearn course on cancer medicines

-Attended a lecture on congruent numbers by Professor Coates of Cambridge University

-Loneliness in Brent project with Imperial Healthcare Partners

-Volunteer at Riverview lodge

-Part time job as a math tutor

-Participated in senior maths challenge

-Join the debate

-Watch and listen (documentaries and ted talks)

How has as enrichment has helped me develop personally and academically:

Enrichment played a key role in my application to medicine. I had many opportunities to explore the field of work that I want to go into. For instance, volunteering at a local care home, attending a surgical conference and a week long work experience programme at Charing Cross Hospital to name a few. From these experiences I’ve learnt that enrichment is integral in determining what you want to do in the future.  My quote would be: “When you know better, you do better”~Maya Angelou 

Naziim is now studying Medicine at Imperial College, London



Omar D E-A
Y13 2019-2020

Subjects: Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Government & Politics Career Focus: Civil engineer

Super and extra-curricular enrichment activities:

-Volunteer at Ruislip Lido Railway

-Cambridge University—Physics Masterclass

-UKMT Senior Team Challenge

-Assisting at the school’s ASD provision (COMPASS)

Join the Debate -incl: ‘Should the world focus more on exploring oceans than outer space? ‘In an age of greater connectivity through social media, why is loneliness a public health concern?

- Watch & Listen presentations incl: 'Why the US has no high-speed rail, ‘'China's longest underwater highway under construction'

-Assisting at the school’s ASD provision (COMPASS) 

Join the Debate on various current issues, not necessarily within the field of engineering

Your views on how enrichment has helped you develop personally and academically:

Enrichment really allowed me to acquire a different perspective on issues I’d never thought I’d be very interested in. Join the Debate in particular is a fantastic and easily accessible platform that allows us to voice our own opinions regarding various issues, and also allows us to research new and exciting theories and socio-economic phenomena, and the platform also allows for constructive responses to be given to and from other students. All of my enrichment means that my horizons are much broader than they were at the start of year 12, and it also means that both my personal statement and teacher references are packed with evidence that will assist me in getting a place at a top uni!

Omar is now studying Civil Engineering at Imperial College, London 


Mariam E
Y13 2020

Subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry

Career Focus: Chemical engineering

Super and extra-curricular enrichment activities:

Volunteering at local care home

- House Captain 

- Futurelearn course on Musculoskeletal system

- HE+ on Trauma and Emergency Medicine

- UNIQ Summer School Biochemistry

- ChemistryWorld Podcasts

- Join the Debate & OXPLORE

- Attending ICSM events at Imperial College London

- Imperial Lockdown Lessons

How has enrichment helped me develop personally and academically?

Enrichment really allowed me to explore lots of topics which go beyond the A-level spec, helping me in making a decision as to what sort of career route I'd like to go down. Attending summer schools and events as well as doing extra courses was especially interesting because I felt my knowledge was widely broadened and I found myself connecting what I would learn outside of school to what I actually did in my A-levels. Extra-curricular activities were particularly good in helping me to grow as a person and develop a wide-range of soft skills, while Join the Debates and OXPLORE made me more aware of current ethical issues- a must for anyone thinking of applying to medicine.   

Mariam is currently applying to study Medicine at top universities including Oxford, King’s College, London and Imperial


Sarah A
Y13 2020

Subjects: English Literature, History, Politics                                                   

Super and extra-curricular enrichment activities: 

-K+ Programme (Law stream)

-Pathways to law 

-UCL - Young Lawyers programme 

-Cambridge Masterclass (Politics and International relations)

-FutureLearn Course on criminal justice

-LSE student shadowing 

-Reading Champions leader 

-Peer mentoring 

-HE+ Extension resources - Public Law and Criminal Law 

-Join the Debate 

-Watch and Listen (eg Law in Action etc.)

How has enrichment has helped me develop personally and academically?

Enrichment has facilitated me to develop my interest and enthusiasm for the course which I want to study at university (Law). Through undertaking different courses and attending various workshops, I have managed to gain a deeper understanding of what I have a passion for academically. Furthermore, ‘Join the debate’ and ‘Watch and Listen’ have given me the platform to express my opinions on topics fundamental to society but also more specifically areas of personal interest such as the criminal justice system. Without the multitude of activities which I have embarked upon, I would have not been in the position to apply to such competitive unis e.g. UCL or LSE.  

Sarah is now applying to study Law at top universities including LSE, King’s College London and UCL


Asan M
Y13 2020

Subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry

Career Focus: Chemical engineering

Super and extra-curricular enrichment activities:

-Exeter Scholars

-In2scienceUK program

-Cambridge applicant support program

- ORBYTS: An opportunity to work on original research linked to the Twinkle space mission

   under the tuition of UCL PhD students

- Cambridge Masterclass for Physics

- Engineering workshop in school

- Dyson Robotics Workshop 

- UCl lecture on astrophysics

- TATA- Digital Explorer work experience

How has enrichment helped me develop personally and academically?

Enrichment has broadened my view on different careers and has allowed me to find out what I'm passionate about. Furthermore, the enrichment shows your passion and all universities would love to have a student who is passionate. It has given me the experience needed to be a successful student in terms of academic and super curricular activities.

Asan is currently applying to study Chemical Engineering at top universities including Cambridge, Imperial and UCL