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Expectations for Children and Parents/Carers

Remote Learning

Dear Parents and Carers

1. Completing Learning [by 8pm]

We understand that sharing laptops and tablets may be difficult. Please do try to ensure your children complete the learning by 3pm, but where this is not possible, please complete it at any point during the evening and submit it. It may be marked the following day. Try not to send it too late so that your children can maintain their daily routine and get enough sleep.

2. Good Quality Learning

Please can you reinforce with your children that they should not be rushing their learning. It should be completed with maximum effort and concentration, as it would be in school. e.g. A full Maths activity should take between 45 minutes and an hour to watch the video and complete the activity.

It then needs to be checked/edited [this may take a further ten minutes], making sure it is fully completed to the best of your child's ability before it is sent to the teacher.

3. Feedback, Marking and Making Improvements

The teachers always mark the learning that is submitted. There is not always a comment. The teachers amend their lessons for the following day based on how well the children have done. 

To improve their learning, the children will have learning handed back to them with comments. There may be a written comment or a voice comment on how to improve their learning. It is ok to make mistakes - that's how we all learn. Please encourage the children to make the improvements to their learning and send it back to the teacher. The teachers will reinforce this in assemblies with the children too.


If you do have any questions about remote/online learning please feel free to email or and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We appreciate the quality time you are spending with your children to support their learning.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.