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Expectations for Students and Parents / Carers

All students, parents and carers must ensure that they have read the below expectations and understand what they are required to do when students experience a period of remote learning.

Expectations of Students 

During any period of remote learning, Preston Manor students must ensure that they:

  • Complete the set work across all of their subjects to a high standard, working where possible to the same timetable that they would follow in school

  • Submit their completed work through the Google classroom platform. If they are unable to do this, they should email the completed work to their teacher

  • Contact their teacher if they are struggling with the set work or have any questions about it

  • Act on feedback provided to the by teachers in order to improve their work

  • Attend all the scheduled live lessons for their subjects. These lessons will take place where a whole bubble of students are required to self-isolate or where the whole school has to transfer to remote learning. The live lessons will generally take place in the first half of a student’s timetabled lesson. Students must ensure that they:

    • join the online lesson on time;

    • actively participate in the learning and engage with all the activities during the live lesson;

    • behave responsibly throughout the lesson and demonstrate an excellent standard of behaviour on the video call, including turning on and off their microphones and cameras when requested to do so;

    • complete any further work set by their teacher once the lesson ends.

  • Let staff in school know if there is a reason why they cannot complete their work or attend live lessons (e.g. issues with technology)

  • Keep themselves safe on-line by keeping their login details secret, not posting any inappropriate messages or content, blocking and reporting any online abuse and by not accepting invites or requests to meet from anyone who they do not know.  The following link summarises the advice shared with students: How to Keep Yourself Safe On-Line During Corona Virus

Expectations of Parents / Carers

During any period of remote learning, parents / carers should ensure that they:

  • Monitor their child’s completion of online learning, ensuring that they are keeping up with the tasks set for them and completing them to a high standard. From Friday 6th November, all parents will be sent update emails from Google Classroom which summarise their child’s work for the week

  • Raise any questions or concerns about remote learning with the school via the email address

  • Let the school know of any changes in family circumstances which might impact on their child’s ability to complete the set work, including any issues with technology which the school may be able to support with


If students do not adhere to expectations around remote learning, including if they don’t engage with the remote learning set for them, we will:

  • Contact the student and family via email or phone to discuss which expectations are not being met, discussing any support needed and agreeing realistic targets for improvement

If a student’s behaviour persistently breaches the school’s behaviour policy and if allowing the student to continue to be part of the remote learning community would seriously harm the education and welfare of others, the student may be excluded. For more information see: