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At Preston Manor, homework is viewed as a valuable part of a student’s learning. We believe that effective homework builds excellent learning habits. Our aim is for homework to be structured, meaningful and manageable for all concerned. Homework at Preston Manor should broaden, consolidate, extend or enhance the learning experience, so that our students develop lifelong skills.

“Homework has a positive impact on average (+5 months), particularly with pupils in secondary schools.” EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit

The purpose of homework:

  • Homework requires students to be ambitious in their learning, by pursuing challenges both in and out of the classroom.
  • Homework requires students to take responsibility for their learning by developing their organisational skills and time management.
  • Homework provide parents with the chance to support their child’s progress and engage in dialogue about school experiences
  • Pupils may be expected to undertake a variety of homework activities. These activities will differ depending on the subject. We would also like to highlight that the guidelines may include self-directed study time which we would encourage our students to undertake on a weekly basis to target and embed their individual gaps in knowledge or skill.