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Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

Welcome to the Preston Manor LRC 

Here at Preston Manor, we thrive to master literacy. We aim to get our students to excel in all other areas of their subjects. The LRC focuses on supporting the development of the necessary tools and skills to achieve students' potential. This embeds our school's value of Self Directed Learning. 

Opening Times: Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm

NOTE: The LRC is currently operating under Covid-19 government guidelines and will  not be open to students as normal. However, you are able to view, reserve and manage your account via this ‘Webpage’ on Accessit-

Library Lesson for Year 7s will continue as normal (where students will also be able return and collect books reserved)

Year 8s & 9s will have 10 minutes of reading at the start of every English class.

                                Upper School LRC TimeTable 

Day of the week 


Library Lesson

Y7 Returning & Collection


Y8 Returning & Collection


Y9 Returning & Collection


Y10 Returning & Collection


Y11 Returning & Collection


Y12 and Y13 Returning & Collection

Students can borrow a maximum of 2 books at a time for a total duration of 3 weeks (but they can be renewed if the book has not been reserved.)

Our collection includes:

-Fiction books: We offer a wide variety of fiction books suitable for all ages and reading levels. This also includes a well-stocked selection of graphic novels and manga.

- Non-fiction books: We stock a wide range of information books to support research and homework tasks, as well as recreational reading.

How much reading? 

According to research, reading no less than 20 minutes daily will have the optimum impact not only on students’ literacy levels, but on their work across the curriculum too. Students will be given opportunities to read during the school day (during reading lessons and tutor time for example) but it is imperative that parents and carers encourage their children to read at home as well.

Encouraging reading for pleasure: What parents and carers can do at home:

  • Set a good example. Let your child know that you value books and make sure they see you reading.
  • Talk about reading. Share your views about books you have loved but also books you have not enjoyed; send the message that reading is great fun, but that it is also OK not to like a book!

  • Don’t stop reading to your child. Some children love being read to, even when they have become fluent readers themselves.

  • Make time to read. Set some time aside for family reading, perhaps at bedtime. You could even switch off the Wi-Fi and put away game controllers after tea!

  • Don’t just read books. Encourage your child to read different formats: magazines, newspapers, comics, etc.

  • Let children read what they want and at their own pace. Don’t pressurise your children into reading what you think they should read. Reading is highly individual and criticism is usually counter productive. Our public library service has a hugely diverse catalogue and if they don’t have it in stock at your local branch, reservations are free!

  • It’s OK not to finish a book . If your child is not enjoying a book after giving it a go, allow them to stop and try something else.

Activities in the LRC: 

All students are highly encouraged to engage in extracurricular activities around the school. The LRC hosts a number of clubs to boost student creativity and exploring hobbies and interests which runs from after school from 3:30-4:30pm. The clubs the LRC runs are Manga Drawing, Creative writing club, Book club & Japanese Club 

NOTE: All Activities and Clubs in the LRC have been postponed until further notice.


We have a lot of events students can get involved in: Workshops to develop various skills, Author Visits, Harry Potter Night, World Book Day, Black History Month, Roald Dahl Day, Book Fair, Christmas Fair, Akabolum (celebrating diversity & culture).