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Monitoring and Evaluation


Learning walks, getting staff and student opinion and getting photographic evidence are the main routes to monitor our careers programme.

This will allow us to help track students’ thoughts, participation and will also help with future planning.

The monitoring of external stakeholders and their role in providing effective CEIAG is completed by the Careers Leader and by the staff who accompany such visits and events.

Careers Guidance interviews will be monitored by speaking to the students and providing electronic copies of these action plans to the students and giving access to parents and carers, so that the student is better supported and the student can build on them in the future and gives a clear structure to base their future plans on.

External stakeholders are carefully selected to supplement our aims. Activities from external providers are encouraged and our external provider agreement is published on our website.

Prior discussions between the school and external stakeholders is mandatory to establish an agreement that meets the school’s objectives and allows us to monitor the content of the external provision and to ensure that we meet our safeguarding responsibilities.

We ensure that we monitor all external agencies while they are ongoing.  External staff are always accompanied by Preston Manor staff to ensure safeguarding and to effectively monitor the quality of delivery and provision.


Listening to the opinions of our stakeholders in CEIAG activities and events organised both internally and externally is essential to the future planning and the success of the career programme at Preston Manor.

The information allows us to plan, resource and deliver activities to give our students the opportunity to learn from all the different external and internal stakeholders.

We use a number of different methods to capture this information.  We use paper-based feedback questionnaires and while applying GDPR, we also use photographic evidence.  Furthermore, using the student voice is an effective way to gain feedback with some external organisations providing their own evaluation forms and sending us results of that feedback. The results gathered are used to support future planning of the careers programme.

Through termly reports, feedback is provided for SLT and Governors and shared with parents/ carers through our school website and newsletters.

To be reviewed in September 2021.