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PE - Physical Education

PE Curriculum intent

Physical Education at Preston Manor allows young people to develop physically, mentally and socially through independent and group work. Through lessons and promotion of growth mindset, students get the opportunity to educate their minds, develop healthy and active lifestyles in addition to demonstrating individual sport skills across a variety of activities. Students experience how to deal with success and failure as individuals and as part of a team, and they are challenged to demonstrate leadership skills during each and every lesson.

Key Stage 3

Students are introduced to a wide variety of individual and team sports, from invasion games, racket games, striking and fielding, Athletics and Dance. Students are encouraged to participate and gain enjoyment from sport, with the aim of gaining the confidence to participate in later life. Performance is encouraged, with many opportunities available to compete both within school and against other schools. Students are encouraged to consider the effects of exercise on the body, and key terms are introduced throughout the Key Stage 3 curriculum. 

Key Stage 4

Core PE lessons often promote a team-based or ‘Sport Education’ approach. Students are encouraged to fulfil particular roles within activities, such as ‘coach’, ‘tactician’ or ‘official’, providing alternatives to the traditional ‘performer’ role, thus widening the students’ experience of sport and PE. Those studying PE at GCSE will continue to gain an understanding of the effects of exercise, and in particular will apply theoretical aspects of Physical Education to practical sporting examples, both in their own performance and at an elite level.

Extra- curricular opportunities continue to be a strength of the PE department. Students have the opportunity to represent the school but also to demonstrate skills and talents that they may not be able to showcase in the classroom. These clubs are fully inclusive and aim to give students of any ability the opportunity to be part of a team.

Whether it be in lessons or in a club, there is a place for everyone within PE at Preston Manor. Each student is encouraged to achieve their own personal best through showing resilience, collaboration and respect for others.