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Psychology Curriculum Intent

The Psychology department at Preston Manor aims to help students develop a love of learning in understanding how the mind can influence human behaviour as well as developing our students into well rounded active citizens. Through the study of a broad range of topics such as mental illnesses, social influence, aggression and relationships, our students develop a tolerance, awareness and respect towards other individuals. Students are challenged in class to consider alternative ideologies and concepts, as well as how behaviour affects various and diverse cultures and upbringing experiences.


Studying Psychology opens up many future pathways for our students to follow through the transferable skills they develop throughout this course such as statistical analysis, presentational skills, academic writing, understanding academic literature, being analytical as well as interpersonal skills.




At Preston Manor we teach AQA Psychology following the new linear two-year structure. The course is taught synoptically to allow students to draw connections, to master effective evaluative techniques and explain economical implications from psychological research. Through the study of Psychology at Preston Manor, students will develop a range of key skills which will prepare students for their further education and their future careers. Students will be expected to demonstrate knowledge, understanding, application, research skills and a rage of evaluative styles of psychological theories, research studies and research methods for each topic area.


Students will start off learning the foundation of Psychology through the scientific approach of research methods, origins of psychology and the 6 key psychological perspectives in order to allow students to draw connections and evaluate other topic areas.


In year 2 the topics are chosen to help equip students beyond the Psychology Curriculum. Students are taught about schizophrenia, phobias, depression and OCD. We teach the topic of relationships which develops the understanding of building healthy relationships and the importance of having positive relationships with others. Being a school in a high crime area, the topic of aggression provides students with the knowledge of how to deal with aggression positively by understanding the causes and influences of aggressive behaviour.