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Supporting Your Child with Remote Learning

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A Preston Manor, we aim to foster a love of learning and we want to ensure this continues even when the school is closed. 

We are proud of our inclusive school, and aim to reflect this as much as possible in our remote learning plan. We recognise that technology has a key role, but understand that not everyone has access to the Internet or their own laptop or tablet all the time. We have spoken to our student body and will be making available, ‘paper only’ resources where they are needed.

Where possible, students are asked to follow their usual timetable and access their remote learning tasks through Go4Schools. Following their usual timetable provides a structure to the day, and helps to ensure an even amount of time is dedicated to each subject as it would be if students were present at school. Teachers will upload all learning activities for the day by 9.00am on the day of the lesson. Some may be available in advance of this. Please remind your child to log in to Go4Schools every morning to see their remote learning activities for the day. Most teachers will be using Google Classroom as a platform to provide high quality learning resources and ongoing feedback. It is essential that your child checks their Preston Manor email account every day and accepts any ‘class codes’ in order to access Google Classroom. Your child’s teachers will be monitoring the work they are producing, and will contact you if work has not been completed or not been completed to the right standard by the deadlines set.

We recognise that students will respond in different ways to this new working arrangement. Many will take to it very smoothly and this will be an opportunity for them to continue to develop their abilities to work independently. However, those who find independent work difficult will find this challenging and will need more support. We want to reassure students and parents that staff will be working remotely and will be on hand to offer this support where it is needed. We have high expectations, but are also realistic about the challenges this situation will present. 

Please be mindful, that online learning is a significant change for school staff as well as students.  We will adapt as quickly as possible, and work hard to ensure we continue to provide an excellent and memorable education to all of our students. 

You can also access information on the curriculum your child follows normally in school, along with useful links to support 

Tips for Parents and Students

Every morning: Check Go4schools and your Preston Manor email account. Make sure you accept any ‘class codes’ to access Google Classrooms.

Establish routines and expectations: start times, breaks and lunch at school are at clear times. Maintaining this routine can help maintain a positive work ethic. Avoid spending the day in your pyjamas!

Identify a clear physical space in which to work: this will make it easier to focus on your learning, without other distractions.

Talk about the plan for the day, and the lessons ahead: spending extended time working at home is unfamiliar territory. Talking about how things are going can help pre-empt any problems.

Set times to be on and offline: There will be more screen time than normal whilst working at home. You may have to share devices with family members, and setting time limits in advance can help manage this successfully. Equally, spending time offline is important to maintain a sense of balance in the day.

Remember to exercise: Your wellbeing is enhanced by physical activity, so do make time for this. The PE team will be planning some excellent activities. This can really help if you are feeling anxious, which is completely normal whilst you are working from home.

Read a book: Escape, relax, unwind, whilst developing your vocabulary and reading skills.



If you are looking for information to keep your child safe and well please see the links below.

Our school website has lots of resources and links that might be able to help you: Safeguarding at Preston Manor

You can contact the following with a safeguarding concern: 

Childline: or 0800 1111

Brent Family Front Door: or 020 8937 4300

Young Minds: or call the parents’ helpline on 0808 802 5544 

Please remember to call 999 if someone is in immediate danger



Students will be spending longer on-line during this period of remote learning.  It is therefore essential that we remind students of the importance of keeping themselves safe on-line.  The following link is the advice shared with students How to Keep Yourself Safe On-Line During Corona Virus

Please discuss e-safety with your children. The following link is a summary of guidance to support parents in keeping their child as safe as possible.  Keeping Your Child Safe On-Line During the Corona Virus

There is further information and support found on our school website

Please note we have a CEOP button on the homepage of the school website to report on-line abuse immediately to the police.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my child’s work? 

All learning activities will be on Go4Schools or will be signposted from there. Your child should login to Go4schools every morning to see their learning activities for the day. Many of them will be on Google classroom, as this supports a greater range of activities. 


My child can’t login to Go4Schools. What should I do?

Your child can reset their Go4schools password at home by clicking on ‘forgot password’.For a parenting guide to Go4Schools please follow the link below:


When will my child’s learning activities be available?

All teachers will be aiming to have lesson activities uploaded to Go4schools and ready for students by 9.00am every day. We ask students to follow their normal timetable for the day, spending approximately 55 minutes on each lesson’s activities. Some activities may be available in advance of this, so please check your child is completing the correct activity. 

If your child is in Year 7-9 there is curriculum booklet (click here), for parent which informs you of what topics taught and when, as well as useful on-line resources which you can use with your child to support their learning.

Where should my child complete the learning activity?

This will vary for each subject and each task. Instructions will be in the lesson activities. If they are not sure, they should use their exercise book or complete the work.


I know lots of the learning activities are on Google classroom. I can’t seem to make that work. 

Try setting your Internet browser to Google Chrome. This can give greater functionality.


My child does not understand what to do. How can they get help?

Teachers will be working remotely and so your child could email their teacher. Teachers will endeavour to respond to questions as soon as they can. If your child can carry on with another aspect of their learning this will give the teacher time to respond to their query. If they teach five lessons in a day with 30 students in each class, teachers could be interacting with 150 different students a day, each of whom may ask more than one question. This will mean responses are not immediate or guaranteed. Questions may not be answered directly but may be addressed in the next lesson.


Does this remote learning plan apply to students in the VI form?

Yes, absolutely. We want to ensure all of our learners continue to work hard and access their learning activities each day.


How do I get in contact with someone if I have a question?

Please be mindful that online learning is a significant change for teachers as well as students. We will all adapt as quickly as possible, but the more enquiries we receive, the longer it will take to respond to them. If your enquiry is essential, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If it is not urgent and it can wait until we reopen, this would be even better. 

If you have a general ‘year group’ question, please email your child’s year group:

Year 7 -

Year 8 -

Year 9 -

Year 10 -

Year 11 -

6th Form -

If it is a different urgent enquiry, please email 

Please only use one contact address at a time. Sending a message to several addresses at once is likely to slow our response rather than speed it up.


My child usually sees the school counsellor. What happens now? 

If your child sees one of the counsellors, they will be contacted by their school counsellor where possible by phone or email. Where possible, the relevant school counsellor has already discussed the agreed contact with your child. 


How will SEN support operate now? 

SEN staff will be in regular communication with all our students with EHCPs - either by phone or by email.  Our LSAs are members of the google classrooms for lessons where they are usually supporting. In collaboration with your child’s subject teacher, they will be in contact with key students, making sure the work is accessible and offering advice or further work where they may need a boost. 

Where young people are involved in SEN interventions, like Personalised Curriculum or Study Support for example, we have Google classrooms set up for students in our virtual Hub. Additionally, students who require further support in literacy, numeracy and/ or other vital skills for success, SEN staff will be ensuring students have access to appropriate work that they can complete independently, with personalised feedback, on a regular basis.  


My child is eligible for Free School Meals. Can you help?

Yes.  We are waiting for more details from the government.  As soon as we know more we will be in touch.


My child is eligible for the VI form bursary. What happens now? 

They will receive their bursary as they would normally, providing that they are working hard on their remote learning.


Can my child come back to school to collect books while we are closed?

Not at the moment. Schools have been closed to create ‘social distancing’ for everyone’s protection. If this changes, we will let you know.


When will you reopen?

We are in frequent contact with the Local authority and Health officials. We will share reopening plans on our website as advice becomes available. We very much look forward to having everyone back with us as soon as possible. Updates on Covid-19 can be found here

We will review the situation on 15th April, to make a decision about how students will continue their learning when term starts on 20th April