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The School Day

School gates open at 8:30am and with our soft start, classroom doors open at 8.40am. Classroom doors are closed at 8:50am. This means that if you aim for arrival at school at 8:40am you can drop your child straight into their classroom, with a 10 minute period before registration to allow for delays to your journey.

Registration for KS2 is 8:50am and registration for Reception and KS1 is 8:55am


If children arrive after class doors are closed, they must be taken to the office to sign in so that we can ensure that all children in school are registered. Please don’t leave children in the playground to make their own way in.

Timings of the School Day


8:40am Classrooms open – Reception children must be brought into their classes by an adult.
8.55am Focused activities
11.45am Lunch
12.45pm Focused activities
3.00pm End of school day - R Oak collected from the outdoor area exit door; R Elm collected from the Y3/4 exit door






Key Stage 1 Classes (Year 1 & Year 2)

8:40am Classrooms open – KS1 children must be brought to their classes by an adult.
8.50am Session 1
10.00am Break
10:15am Session 2
12.00am Lunch
12.50pm  Session 3
3.00pm End of school day - children collected from their classroom doors.

Key Stage 2 Classes (Years 5 and 6)

8:40am Classrooms open
8.50am Session 1
10:40am Break
10:55am Session 2
12:50pm Lunch
1:40pm Session 3
3.20pm Y5: Exit door
Y6: Exit door outside the school office. Independent travellers leave alone.

End of the School Day

Children who are not collected within 10 minutes of dismissal time will be taken to the Hall, from where they can be collected via the main entrance. Late pickups will be asked to sign a ‘Late Collection’ book, and parents/carers who are regularly late to collect their children will be invited to a meeting in school to discuss how we can help to reduce these incidents. If any parents/carers know that they will be late collecting their child, they are asked to inform the school office as early as possible to avoid any unnecessary concern.

Please make sure that all the people who will be collecting your child are recorded on the blue collection form. If someone else is going to collect your child, please let the class teacher or the school office know in advance.

Older siblings who are 16 or younger are unable to collect younger siblings who are in Reception or Key Stage 1. Secondary aged students can collect their Key Stage 2 siblings only.

If you wish your child to travel to or from school by themselves, and they are in Year 5 or Year 6, please fill in an "Independent Travellers" form available in the school office.

Please note that school recommends that all children should be accompanied by an adult to and from school until they are in Year 5. Please remember, you are responsible for your children at the end of the day. They should be in your sight at all times. They must not play in the MUGA.