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Useful Websites

Below you will find a list of links to websites for parents and carers which you may find useful in supporting your son or daughter in their studies.  Please also see our L.R.C. online resources Eclipse and Infotrac linked on the school's VLE Firefly. These suggestions are by no means exhaustive and you may find other sites which are equally useful.

USEFUL WEBSITES (PSHE educational resources for SEN) (PSHE educational resources for SEN) (science resources) (organisational skills) (general knowledge) (science) (science support) (literacy support) (literacy support) (autism) (all subjects) (autism) (all subjects) (ICT support) (educational resources for SEN) (short educational video clips for all subjects) (PSHE) (short educational video clips for all subjects) (educational resources for SEN) (educational resources for SEN) (literacy) (autism PSHE) (autism) (science animations) (social skills) (handwriting practice) (autism) (selective mutism)