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Your Student Council

Student Council

The Student Council is made up of representatives across each year group. The aim of the student council is to ensure that students have a voice to discuss matters that pertain to their overall well-being in school and immediate environment e.g. Brent Youth Parliament, School Nutrition Action Group, related citizenship initiatives or attending Governors and the Co-opertaive Trust Forum meetings.

The School Council has a strong voice, contributing to whole school decision making with students.

The Student Council meetings are calendared. Timetabled meetings are arranged to discuss agenda items, collated from each yearrepresentative group meeting held twice a term.

The aims and objectives of the council can be seen on our student council display board and read in our brochure (see pdf file below for the Student Council Booklet outlining dates and information).  Minutes from meetings can also be found below.

Additionally, we have a red suggestion box which is located next to our council notice board for students to post suggestions or voice concerns to the council. The box is emptied daily, and we will respond to all posts.

The innovative Student Behaviour Panel gives students responsibility for tackling bullying and for creating a culture where there are very high standards for behaviour. Students are enabled to play an active part in the life of their school and the wider community, through volunteering and participation in events. Ultimately it is our mission to inspire students to become engaged citizens at global, European, National and local levels.

Lower School Council members are: 
Zain, Amira, Ivo, Alisha, Arfa, Lucas, Tulsi, Oskaras, Gabriel, Christabelle, Dev, Aeesha, Rayan, Francesca, Dviti, Hussein, Victoria, Potap, Masud, Alexia.

School Council Meeting Dates

Thursday 8th December 2022 @ Period 5
Thursday 9th February 2023 @ Period 5
Thursday 23rd March 2023 @ Period 5
Thursday 18th May 2023 @ Period 5
Thursday 6th July 2023 @ Period 5

This will be a Full School Council meeting with Mr Ward in the Boardroom (Upper School) - Consisting of the 2 students across each year group (e.g. 18 students in total in each meeting )

Form Reps Meeting with ADSD Dates

w/b Monday 21st November 2022
w/b Monday 30st January 2023
w/b Monday 13th March 2023
w/b Monday 8th May 2023
w/b Monday 26th June 2023

2 x Reps nominated from each Form Class will meet together with their ADSD e.g. 18 students max, as a group will meet with their ADSD