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The EAL Department at Preston Manor makes a vital contribution to the school’s values of Inclusion and Equality of Opportunity for all students. As our student population is incredibly diverse, both in terms of linguistic and cultural backgrounds and students’ pre-existing proficiency in English, our teaching capitalises on this diversity to ensure that each learner gains equal access the curriculum and thrives within the English education system. We acknowledge that our learners’ worlds are structured and seen through language, and we act on our belief that ‘language is power’ by nurturing in our multilingual students the English language tools they need to become effective communicators in all aspects of their academic (and wider) life. While regarding our students’ first languages as precious assets to their learning, we are conscious of our core mission of developing accurate language skills across the four key areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing. At the heart of our teaching, moreover, is the belief that learning is an active process, and therefore we aim for strategies that promote participation and collaboration amongst students, whilst nurturing in them a passion for learning and a sense of pride and responsibility for their own development. In addition to assisting each learner in their academic development, we fulfil our duty of care by offering a range of activities to promote our students’ full inclusion in all aspects of the school life. We believe that our commitment to the students’ pastoral care enables them to reach their potential by feeling welcome, supported and valued members of the school community.


 At  KS3 EAL Students are supported to:


  1. Developing their use of English (spoken and written) in a variety of contexts, especially their academic language and subject-specific tier 2 vocabulary;
  1. Develop independent study skills (e.g. investigate and research);
  1. Develop strategies to access the mainstream curriculum during lesson time;
  1. Grow in confidence and develop social skills;
  1. Understand and adopt fundamental British values in their day-to-day life at school and outside.
  1. Maintain and value their home-language heritage and culture as part of their identity.


 At  KS4,  EAL students build on their KS3 skills and are further supported to:


  1.  Develop their ability to use English effectively for the purpose of practical communication in a variety of contexts;


  1. Form a sound base for the skills required for further study and employment using English as the medium;
  1. Develop independent study skills (e.g. self-study, use of Internet for revision, ability to complete home learning independently);
  1. Further develop strategies to access more complex mainstream GCSE curriculum during lesson time;
  1. Become ambitious, proactive and enthusiastic learners  who are good role models for others.