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Key Stage 5 Curriculum Outline


You will know that there have been some major changes to the A Level, where modular A Levels are being phased out and linear A Levels are being phased in. At Preston Manor, we have worked hard to ensure that we are responding in a way which is in the best interest of our students in order to secure their futures with the minimum of disruption and confusion.

The following applies to students starting their A-Level courses in September 2018:

1. Students will choose three subjects to study for the whole two year period.

2. All A-Levels will be linear for those students starting Year 12 in 2018 and so students will not sit AS examinations at the end of Year 12. The full content of the A-Levels will be examined at the end of Year 13. Students will, however, sit internal examinations during Year 12 to help them, and their teachers, monitor progress.

3. The much tougher demands of the new specifications and the much greater subject content of the reformed A-Levels means that taking 4 AS subjects in Year 12 and then dropping to 3 A-Levels in Year 13 is no longer possible.

4.  There is a provision for a small number of students to take four full A-Levels right through Years 12 and 13 at the discretion of the Head of Sixth Form.

5. Students will always be expected to participate within the extensive enrichment programme within Sixth Form. This extends to being a subject mentor, participating in independent research projects as well as a broad range of activities aimed at developing well rounded Sixth Form students ready for their next steps in life.