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The Governing Body

The Governing Body (2020/21):

Dr. Donald Palmer (Chair)

Mr. Everton Counsell (Vice Chair)

Ms. Kinna Patel

Mr. Vivek Luthra (Vice Chair)

Mr. Jonathan Bach

Ms. Susan Lawrence

Ms. Deborah Sloan (Vice Chair)

Ms Sandra Eismann (Sabbatical from 1 September 2020)

Ms. Shiraz Nasrabadi

Ms. Leela Paul

Shahzea Tahir 

Rajeev Gulati 

Sarah Venables 

James Frater 

Archana Chavan (appointed 16 September 2019)

Cherish Denton (resigned 17 December 2020)

Nadir Minar (appointed 16 September 2019)

Please click on the 'Governors Profiles' link on the right to see biographies of our Governing Body.


Ayesha Braganza (appointed 8 February 2021)

Peter Fanning (appointed 8 February 2021)

Donald Palmer